Delilah Strong 00:16:17 75

Delilah Strong is amazingly sexy as she's on all four, her round ass lifted up and ready for action. The look on her face is also exilarating, almost saying "I'm soooo horny!". She has an empty glass to fill up and quite a few guys have volunteered to produce the liquid craved for. They will fuck her each on their turn before delivering Delilah the cocktail she was looking for...

Aubrey Adams 00:16:40 55

Aubrey Addams his starring in this exclusive blowbang for members only. Watch her petite frame and her cute face as she extract the semen of all her fortunate partners. She will drink it all from a martini glass. Now that's a cocktail! (I wonder if i could offer one to a girl in a bar...)

Nadia Styles 00:19:10 91

Nadia Styles is a very pretty girl who's twenty-one years of age. She was thirteen the first time she swallowed cum and never had more than one load in her mouth. "What is it about swallowing that you like?" Brandon asks her. "I like the way it tastes, the way it feels..." she answers with her sweet voice. Well, you're gonna be served today girl as Brandon's friends and Brandon himself will give you a good source of iron...

Heidi Ho 00:16:47 118

Heidi Ho is a pretty 5'6'' girl from Columbus, Ohio. "What are you gonna do today?" Brandon asks her. "Suck some cock." she replies. "How many cocks?" Brandon continues. "As many as you give me..." Heidi answers. Well, since Heidi never had more than two loads in her mouth at the same time, i would say she will break her record today... bring on the toys!

Trinity James 00:11:48 73

Trinity James is a nineteen years old cutie who's hungry for cum. "What makes you want to eat a bunch of cum today?" Brandon asks her. "I just like cum. I like dicks so..." she replies with a naughty look on her face. There is ten guys awaiting to experiment her oral skills. "Dicks everywhere!" Trinity says with a smile...

Gia Paloma 00:30:07 111

Gia Paloma is a very naughty nineteen years old girl with an amazing ass and lovely 36-C natural breasts. "You tell me what makes a good cum eater." Brandon tells her. "Hmmm, a good cum eater is a girl who's real nasty, who's ready to get her mouth stuffed full of white creamy ooze..." she says with a greedy look on her face. Give her a dick before she goes wild!

Taylor Kross 00:21:23 123

Taylor Kross is on her knees, a glass in her hand, awaiting to be served. "You're gonna make me a nice martini drink?" she says to the guys. "What do you got there?" Brandon asks her when her glass is full of jizz. "It's a special martini." she replies. "Is that what you ordered?" he continues. Oh yeah she did! It's the house special!

Nadia Rio 00:10:43 78

Taylor Kross and Nadia Rio will share the juice of a bunch of guys after having sucked them vigorously. "Who swallows more cum?" Brandon asks them. "Just watch and find out..." Taylor replies. My guess is that they will share the reward...

Aurianna 00:29:55 98

Aurianna is a VERY lovely 5'1'', nineteen years old girl from Canada. This girl is absolutely beautiful! Watch as she gets three waves of hard cocks to suck at and a whole lot of cum. "There's so many cocks around me, i feel like i'm in paradise!" she says. Just looking at you Aurianna makes me think the same!

Allura Bond 00:24:19 109

Amber Roxx (a nickname Allura uses) is a twenty years old cutie with an accent. She was sixteen the first time she swallowed cum. When asked what she's gonna do today, Amber answers that she's gonna have "seven big juicy cocks right down (her) throat.". "Are you thirsty?" Brandon asks her. "Oh Yeah!" she replies, "Bring on these cocks!"

Britney Madison 00:31:07 138

"Hi, i'm Britney. Welcom to a good source of iron. I'm gonna be sucking a lot of cock today. I hope your are ready..." Dont you worry Britney, we never tire of seeing beautiful women with dicks down their throat and long cocks up their ass. I hope YOU are ready!

Cassie Young 00:05:30 99

Cassie Young is one of the prettiest girl to grace spermcoctail fans with her beauty. She's eighteen and thirsy! "How many cocks have been in that mouth?" Brandon asks her. "Hmmm... probably thirty-five." she shyly answers. "Do you want to make it thirty-six?" Brandon follows. "Yeah!" she quickly replies. "Go nuts baby!"

Pamela Princess 00:12:58 89

Pamela Princess is a lovely French maid with a sexy accent. When asked what she's gonna do today, Pamela answers "I think i'm gonna suck a couple of dicks...". "What do you do with the sperm at the end?" Brandon asks her. "I will swallow it!" she replies with a coyish smile. "Bring on the cocks!"

Brijaye Love 00:23:59 121

Brijaye Love, a naughty twenty-four years old girl, stars in this three part scene. "What are you gonna do today?" Brandon asks her. "I'm gonna drink a lot of iron..." she replies. Watch her energetically put cocks down her throat before being rewarded with a generous amount of creamy semen. "Just bring it on baby!"

Jules Van Saint 00:12:36 84

Jules Van Saint is a twenty-two years old girl who was fifteen the first time she swallowed. "Are you a cum eater?" Brandon asks her. "Yeah, i am." she replies. Brandon will give her a bunch of guys to suck today and a generous amount of cum to drink. "I'm ready boys!"

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