Faith Leon 00:12:00 72

Faith is having both her holes drilled by two vigorous guys. Its her first time being double penetrated and her facial expression says it all. "Oh, this is great! It feels so good!" she says. Of course, being the cum drinking whore she is, Faith's gonna swallow every single drop they offer her...

Faith Leon 00:04:16 80

Faith starts the scene by swallowing three loads before she enjoys Brandon's long shaft. "You ate an awful lot of fucking loads today, you know that?" Brandon asks her. "And i need more..." she replies. Wow Faith, you really are a good cum eating whore!

Peachez 00:16:07 67

Peachez is a young girl with a nice petite frame. Watch her lovely round ass and her pretty face as she enjoys the company of one lucky guy. She will suck his cock and have intercourse in many positions before finally being fed a good source of iron...

Peachez 00:09:45 82

Peachez is back for round two. After having had sex with one guy, she now faces half a dozen men ready to feed her a creamy dessert. I would not worry for her, she starts the scene saying "I have room for more...". Well Peachez, fill it up!

Krysta-Lynn Lovely 00:13:52 93

Krysta-Lynn Lovely is a twenty-one years old girl from Tampa, Florida. She was thirteen the first time she had sex and sixteen when she first swallowed. "What makes a good cum swallower?" Brandon asks her. "Someone that likes to do it." she replies. "Is that you?" Brandon follows. "Yes, definitely me!" she admits. Good girl!

Faith Leon 00:11:27 89

Young Faith is a very lovely nineteen years old girl from North Carolina. She was seventeen when she first sucked a cock and nineteen when she first swallowed. She acutally had to start in the porn industry to have her first taste of good warm semen. Well, she's gonna be fed quite a few loads of cum today and this is her first round...

Heaven Tylor 00:09:03 91

Heaven is a dirty young cutie with 36-C breasts. She was twenty-two when she first swallowed. Today she's gonna suck seven cocks and have the guys cum on her cute little face. After that sperm shower, Heaven will clean herself (eating all the cum) and get ready for round two...

Heaven Tylor 00:02:37 88

Heaven Taylor is back for more. "Feed me someone..." she implores. Brandon give her his dick to suck at and asks her "Did you like your little cum bath?". " "Yeah!" she answers. "Did you like watching it?" she follows. One thing is sure Heaven, it's that we all liked watching it...

Britney Madison 00:07:27 71

It has come to Britney's attention that some of the girls don't drink as much cum as they should. Regretful that we, men, should suffer such a rejection of our divine liquid, Britney's now on a mission. "Let me show you one more time how it's done..."

Scarlet O'Whora 00:19:35 116

Scarlet is a handsome young girl from England who has a puffy pussy. "Are you thirsty today?" Brandon asks her. "Oh, very thirsty!" she replies. "How thirsty?" Brandon continues. "EXTREMELY thirsty!" she answers. Well Scarlet, how about you start by having your little ass drilled before you take on a bunch of guys and their creamy semen?

Astrid 00:12:27 94

Astrid, a pretty twenty-two years old girl who never swallowed, gets a double in this scene. "Are you nervous?" Brandon asks her. "Actually, i'm kind of excited..." she replies. "And why do you think you qualify for a movie like this?" Brandon presses on. "Because i know i can do it!", "I've always wanted to have a lot of cum all over my face and taste it." she answers. Well Astrid, now's the time to prove yourself...

Astrid 00:07:14 57

Astrid is back for more and now she's looking to get fucked. "Pack my pussy!" she implores. A guy will do just that, taking her vigorously. You'll find out that Astrid is a real moaner and that she has a high pitched voice. "Give it to me!", "Just like that!", "Fuck me!", "Fuck me!" she goes on and on. If only we could be with her...

Astrid 00:04:40 77

Astrid is back for yet more and this time she's with Brandon. "You couldn't just stand back and watch, you had to join in on the fun..." she teases him. "You like me sucking your dick, your big dick..." she goes on. "Go crazy!" Brandon answers...

Shayna Knight 00:13:28 71

Shayna Knight is a lovely nineteen years old damsel from Berlin, Germany. She never had to swallow more than two loads of cum, even though she's been in the business for a year and a half. This is about to change! Brandon will first give her an appetizer before allowing his friends to serve dinner.

Shayna Knight 00:08:02 77

Shayna's back and this time she brought some help in the person of busty Trina. "Who swallows more cum?" Brandon asks them. "We'll just watch and find out..." Trina replies. Go crazy girls! Show us who's the best...

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