Naomi Cruise 00:35:30 63

Jackie Avalon is one sweet young slut...and her pussy is ripe for the taking! Brandon Iron can always spot a slut, especially with this one, he could tell he was going to need some help! He calls over some of his buddies, and one by one, after fucking her of course, they blow their chunky loads in to her mouth. Jackie is a nymph, so of course, the kinkier the better, and she swallows every drop!

Chelsie Rae 00:28:40 73

Chelsie Rae is a nasty little cum swallowing whore, and given her track record, I don't feel the need to explain why! She starts off a little slow in this scene though, sucking on but one cock, and swallowing his cum of course. She makes up for it in the Home Stretch though as she takes on multiple other cocks! They blow their loads in to a giant martini glass, and like the slut she has always been, she drinks it all up!

Beau Marie 00:28:50 71

Perky young redhead Beau Marie is hot shit, and she knows it! She shows up wearing a cute little green top and a jean skirt, but that doesn't last for long! Once she's full naked she ends up on her knee's with two big cocks right in her mouth! You're going to love watching this young nymph work the shaft, especially when she gets her mouth loaded up with multiple hot loads, and yes, that's right boys, she swallows!

Andi Anderson 00:26:24 70

Andi Anderson truly is one smokin' hot blonde. This busty babe loves sucking cock, and you'll see what I mean when you see this slut in action. In this scene she sucks on multiple thick cocks, taking them deep down her throat before begging for some cum. She keeps in interesting by having these guys blow their nut on to a big plastic spoon, and then like the slut she is, she swallows it all down the hatch!

Chelsie Rae 00:35:11 70

Chelsie Rae is known for being a dirty slut, and in this scene, she doesn't prove it wrong! She starts off by sucking off one guy in an Audition room, and once he's given the "ok", coincidentally after she swallows his load, she gets taken through the Studio in to a bigger room filled with many more cocks. Once she's worked her magic on these studs, one by one they load up her mouth with their splooge. She waits until the end and then swallows it all in one big gulp!

Laci Laine 00:49:08 70

There's hot blonde...and then theres Laci Laine! This slut completely crumbled the competition at cock sucking, but her friend Loona Luxx is in the house trying to take her title away! When the hoard of cocks shows up, these two sluts realize they are outnumbered and quickly work together tot try and service all these studs. The end result...a whole lot cum, a whole lot of swallowing and a fucking good time for everyone!

Kiera King 00:17:57 78

Take it from me guys, there is nothing worst then getting your cock sucked and having to aim at a moving target! Some sluts just dont know how to take a nice load of cum, but Kiera King is not one of these sluts...she knows exactly how she wants it! This slut sucks off multiple guys, in fact, a HUGE amount of guys, and then, she drinks all their cum! Can you just imagine how much protein this slut just took in? Probably way more then her Daily that dangerous?

Jersey Jaxin 00:47:32 69

After getting her mouth loaded up with splooge the first time she appeared on Sperm Cocktail, Courtney Simpson has brought her friend Jersey Jaxin along for a little Gang Bang action. These two sluts get their holes plowed and their throats stuffed by multiple big cocks before Jersey gets her mouth loaded up with hot cum. Couple this with a little bit of cum swapping action and you've got yourself a sweet ass scene!

Nevaeh Lace 00:17:08 81

Blonde babes Nevaeh Lace and Brooke Scott love to suck dick...but they love to swallow warm chunky loads of cum even more! In this scene, Brandon Iron and his friends gear up for a nice double blow bang scene with these two cum craving sluts. These babes suck on so many cocks, they lose count, and when it comes time to swallow some thick loads, they cum swap their way to a nice finish!

Heather Hurley 00:22:51 89

After getting her sweet ass fucked by one guy and swallowing his warm nut, Heather Hurley is back and she wants more! This time she wants more cocks, more hardcore fuck and suck action, but most of all...she wants a lot more cum! She sucks on multiple big cocks and gets her sweet holes nailed in every direction before waiting for the cream to fall. She swallowed every drop of their nut butter...and she loved every minute of it!

Heather Hurley 00:23:58 55

Heather Hurley is one Hardcore slut! She loves big cock, and she loves all the "neat things" she can do with it. In Part 1 of this two part scene, she gets exactly what she wants...a thick rod! She starts off by getting her pussy stuffed, but that doesnt last long because she wanted to taste it. She then gets back to a little deep dick action before eating some sperm. Yummy!

Tricia Oaks 00:19:22 72

Very few things can beat the fiery passion of a redhead in heat...especially when she wants some cocks in her mouth! Today the tattoo'd and willing Tricia Oaks gets her mouth stretched wide by a group of big cocks...and she's up for the challenge! After getting blowbanged like a champ, this slut takes a few hot loads of ball sauce right in the mouth...yes, that's right, she swallows it all!

Madaline 00:14:21 56

Madaline is one of those babes that you'd typically see on the beach getting a tan. You know, the kind that leaves you digging a hole for your hard cock in order to conceal it from everyone. Today Brandon brings her over to meet some of his friends, and they work her mouth over real good before filling it up with some splooge. Speaking of holes, this babe has got an interesting tattoo. Check out this scene and see for yourself!

Riley Winter 00:18:33 76

Blonde bitches come by the dozen, but none of them are even as close to as slutty as Emma Hear. This young nubile can't wait to get some big cock in her mouth, imagine her surprise when we told her she'd be getting a hell of a lot more then one. No matter, she was up for the challenge, and a challenge it was, because we loaded this babes mouth full of so much cum she didnt even need to have dinner that night!

Claudia Downs 00:19:42 91

This scene starts off with the lovely Claudies Downs getting down on her knee's to suck on some meat! She gets presented with a couple of different cocks, and then does her best at taking them all in her mouth, sometimes two at a time! This blonde babe didnt know what hit her when she got the first cumblast in the mouth, but after a few more, she became familliar with the concept!

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