Alicia Alighatti 00:08:55 71

Allicia Allighetti is a naughty twenty years old girl with lovely 34-C breasts. She was fifteen the first time she ate cum so she's now a five years veteran. "What makes a good cum swallower?" Brandon asks her. "They have to love cum." Allicia replies. "How many guys are you gonna blow tonight?" Brandon follows. "As many as you have..." Allicia answers. I'd say this mouth is open for business!

Jackie Ashe 00:12:04 76

This is Jackie's first scene. Jackie is a very lovely eighteen years old cutie who ate cum for the first time at age sixteen. She never had more than two loads in her mouth but that's about to change. "Wow! there's nice hard cocks everywhere!" she says. "What goes in that mouth?" Brandon asks her. "Lots of cum!" she quickly replies. True indeed Jackie, now on your knees.

Jackie Diaz 00:16:16 79

This is Jackie's first round. This lovely nineteen years old latin girl truly has an amazing round ass! Since this is only a start, she's gonna get only one guy to play with. We'll save the party for later...

Isabel Ice 00:19:02 73

Isabel Ice is a lovely English maid from Whales. "You're a little thirsty, i understand?" says Brandon. "Parched!" she quickly replies. Well, "we only serve one type of drink here though, i hope you're ok with it..." Brandon adds. "As long as it's some type of cocktail..." she answers with a smile. Don't you worry lad, with eight barmans you'll be well fed!

Hillary Scott 00:02:53 76

"I really didn't get enough cock last time so i'm back for more." Hillary says. "Now i'm gonna really show you how i suck cock!" she adds. We know Hillary, you suck like no one else. What is still on our mind though is how much will it take to finally satiate your appetite?

Hillary Scott 00:04:07 95

Hillary Scott is unstopable! "Hmmm God, i can't get enough cocks!" she says. "I want a cock in my mouth every second!" she continues. And what are you gonna do with all the semen that comes out of these Hillary? "I'm gonna swallow every drop!" Good girl!

Renee Jordan 00:16:54 97

Ren�e Jordan was born in Germany but is now a resident of Anchorage, Alaska. Ren�e is normally a shy woman. Put five hard cocks in front of her and her coyness evaporates. She's left with only one goal in mind, extract as much semen as she can...

Melissa Lauren 00:08:43 73

This is the new and improved Melissa Lauren, with dark hair. "What can i do for you today?" Brandon asks her. "Maybe you can give me some cocks and some cum..." Melissa replies. Well lady, you're at the right place asking the right man for that. On your knees baby!

Mindy Lee 00:18:56 104

Mindy Lee is a pretty eighteen years old cutie who was born in New Orleans but now live near Riverside in California. She's new to the business and never had a sperm cocktail before. "I've got an empty glass here and i need it filled up." she says. Well Mindy, you're gonna have to work a little before dessert is served...

Deja Daire 00:05:42 82

Deja Daire is back again but this time she has a complaint: "All these dicks and nobody fucked me!" she justly points out. Don't worry baby, Brandon likes to satisfy his girls and he will fuck you personally. Eating loads after loads of cum is not something she does on a regular basis but she's willing to do it another time... just for you guys!

Deja Daire 00:05:08 87

Deja Daire is never satiated when it comes to swallowing big warm loads of cum. "Didn't you had enough already?" Brandon asks her. " I want more..." she replies. Well, here's eleven cumshots to fill your mouth Deja!

Cherrie Rose 00:19:51 95

Cherrie Rose is a very cute twenty-four years old girl who was born in Havana, Cuba. Brandon heard that she has a drinking problem. "Yeah, it's a cum drinking problem, i just can't get enough!" Cherrie confess. Well Cherrie, you're at the right place and these guys will see if they can give you enough of what you crave...

Faith Leon 00:06:21 81

Faith likes to dirty talk when surrounded by an army of cocks. "Pack my fucking mouth!" she says to the guys. "Stick it in there!" she tells one of them. "Come on guys, i want more..." she continues. Man! this girl is something! Watch as she energetically sucks ten guys before they give her a special dessert...

Tina Fine 00:10:56 56

Tina Fine is a eighteen years old cutie who's having her first steps in the adult industry. She was fifteen when she first had sex and seventeen when she first swallowed. Today is also a day to remember because it's her first scene ever. When she sees Brandon's long dick, she tells him "Oh baby come here, give me this thing!". You can tell she was ready for this...

Raylee Dean 00:11:48 67

Railee Dean is another pretty dirty talker. You can tell she enjoys being surrounded by a bunch of cocks. "I want them to cum all over my pretty little fucking face 'cause i'm a dirty whore... and i'm a slut... and i like to get fucked... and i like to suck dick..." she goes on. Yeah baby, go crazy!

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