Courtney Simpson 00:09:36 9

Courtney Simpson might look innocent but she's actually a very naughty girl. "I can't wait 'till all your cum is in my mouth..." she says, holding a martini glass. Here her incite the guys to give her more and more: "Oh yeah, squeeze it all out, i want it all!". You get the picture, Courtney is VERY thirsty. It will take twenty-two guys to quench her thirst...

Britney Madison 00:05:20 49

Britney Madisson is a thirsty whore! The scene starts with her having a champagne glass in her hand: "Come on guys, i need more in my glass!" she says in an authoritative voice. "I've got a tiny little drizzle here and i need a lot more to fill me up..." she continutes. You get the picture, Britney wants a cock-tail and she wants it NOW!!

Chelsie Rae 00:30:16 86

Chelsie Rae is a very lovely twenty years old girl that loves cock. "I may look innocent but i'm pretty nasty and sinful." she says to the camera. "I love being nasty and dirty..." she adds, a naughty smile on her face. When describing the action to come, Chelsie says that "the best part is guzzling all that cum...". You can see this girl is a perfect specimen for a spermcocktail scene...

Chelsie Rae 00:23:03 72

Chelsie Rae is not the kind of girl who will waste her time with interviews; bring the cocks out, that's why she's here. Watch as this lustful girl sucks a bunch of guys before having her face covered from forehead to chin... A beauty!

Lela Star 00:22:05 65

Lela Star is THE nicest girl to have graced this site!! Believe me guys, she left me speechless when my eyes fell on her. She's twenty-one, she grew up in miami, she's 5' tall and weigh 85 pounds. When asked if she likes to swallow cum, she replies "Well when you give blowjobs in a car, you can't make a mess...". "You give blowjobs in cars?" Brandon replies intrigued. "Of course, roadheads... it's fun, especially on long trips." I could keep on talking about her for hours but really... i have to go clean my hands now!

Chelsie Rae 00:14:16 50

Chelsie Rae is unsatiable!! "I'm still thirsty for some more cum..." she says, looking straight at the camera with a naughty look on her face. Well Chelsie, here's six more dicks for you to service...

Riley Winter 00:20:34 60

Riley Winter is a cute eighteen years old girl from the midwest. She was sixteen the first time she swallowed and admits to being a cum swallower. She's never been with more than two guys at once, that's about to change. Open wide Riley, these guys are gonna fill up your stomach...

Jaylie Zane 00:31:54 77

Brandon is having two lovely princess today. One is named Katie Lane and the other Jaylie Zane. They're both swallowers and they started having a liking for cum at the same age, fifteen. Both are thirsty for cum and you know Brandon would never leave a girl unsatiated...

Samilla Hall 00:40:12 67

Samilla Hall is a pretty twenty years old girl from Germany. Since she's wearing a plad skirt, Brandon says she's a German girl in a Scotish dress. Samilla is not fluent in English and it makes for a funny interview. The funniest part is when Brandon tells her that she likes eating cum and Samilla replies "hmmm... eating cum... i don't know what it is.". "I'm gonna have someone show you right now..." Brandon says in laughter.

Katja Kassin 00:29:07 50

Katja Kassin is a true hardcore performer. This girl will take everything thrown her way and accept it with a smile! Watch as she's double penetrated while having an army of hard cock to suck at. Wow Katja, give me your phone number!

Vivian West 00:24:41 75

Some of Brandon's men just came back from vacation, one of them having gone to Thailand. Wanting to share with his friends, he call for a Thai massage. The only problem is the girl doesn't look asian. "I was born in Sukkok!" the girl says. "Where's that?" the boys reply. "It's in the suburb of Bangkok..." she adds. "Well, if you were born in Sukkok, we might be able to do an upgrade package..." one of them suggests. Indeed!

Bree Olson 00:22:04 69

Bree Olson invites Brandon Iron and his friends for a little get together at her place but the guys forgot to bring beer. Bree's a little disapointed, i guess she's gonna have to drink something else. The guys will do anything in their power to make amend. Hey Bree, have you ever eard of a cock-tail? You're about to be served a few shots...

Maggie Star 00:40:59 95

Maggie Star is having a very special day! She starts by sucking Brandon's dick in front of a very curious audience then she gets fucked for a little while. But that was only a start. Fifty-five guys (yes fifty-five!!) will cum in her mouth and she will swallow it all! I guess it won't be a surprise if i tell you the scene ends with her puking...

Strokahontas 00:21:32 80

Strokahontas is a lovely twenty years old girl with black skin and a superbe smile. She grew up in Michigan but got to dance in many places. "What should these guys know about you?" Brandon asks her. "That i like to suck dick and that i'm good at it..." she replies with a smile. Well girl, suck and stroke!

Presley Maddox 00:21:32 93

Presley Maddox is in front of a chinese restaurant looking at the menu. "What are you looking for?" Brandon asks her. "Creamofsomeyoungguy..." she replies, a naughty look on her face. "Oh, i've heard about that dish before!" Brandon burst out laughing. "It's not on this menu..." he follows. "Can i take you to a very private dinner?" he finally asks her. "Yes!" she says... "Only if they have what i'm looking for...". Don't worry girl, Brandon has been serving that dish for a few years now.

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