Delilah Strong 00:36:06 72

With sweet booty like this, you may ask yourself why we haven't seen this girl around Brandon Irons studio more often! She plays with her tits for a little while and fingers her sweet pussy until she's horny enough for the task at hand. . .sucking four big cocks! She takes on those dicks like it was all she ever wanted to do and winds up covered in spew! What a fantastic cock sucking slut!

Coco Velvett 00:16:30 61

Some dudes like to watch videos where sluts get fucked doggy style, other guys like anal! Hell, some dudes even like fat girls and foot fetish videos! that's cool, but if you just like the money shot, and you like to see bitches get completely covered in cum and suck it off their hot bodies, then this is the video for you! It's a mix of all the best cumshots of the year from our studios! This video features Beverly Hills, Coco Velvett, Katie Cummings, and Renata Black getting covered in cum and swallowing big fat loads!

Renata Black 00:39:19 73

Renata Black barely understands English, but she understand enough to know what Brandon Iron has in mind for her! He wants her to suck a lot of cocks and eat a lot of cum! This is good because Renata loves the taste of semen, and she is willing to do almost anything to get it! First she blows Brandon, because he loves to test the merchandise, then she blows five men at the same time! I don't know how they do it in Czechoslovakia, but here in the west, bitches usually don't go nuts like she did! She's insane!

Katie Cummings 00:22:14 66

What is it that makes Katie Cummings love to guzzle cum so much? Is it because of her upbringing? Is it some sort of iron deficiency in her diet? Actually, its more simple than that. She's just a dirty slut and she loves the taste of cock and sperm! She's even willing to take five cocks and make herself the middle of a blowjob circle jerk just to get as much of that pearly cream as she can in her dirty little mouth!

Coco Velvett 00:40:05 93

Like your brunettes dirty, gritty and intense? Get a full load of Coco Velvett in this 40 minute gang bang, which starts with a lot of gravity. Watch this short-haired, tiny-bodied nympho wiggle alone as she lets it sink in that she's about to do a gang bang. For that matter, just watch her body as she shows it off. She stops to masturbate on her way to the dudes, and she is definitely a party chick when she gets there.

Beverly Hills 00:30:00 104

Beverly Hills has a rare medical condition! She needs to eat large quantities of sperm every day or else all of her hair falls out! Well, the sperm bank only goes so far and every once and a while this slut has to go straight to the cow for her man milk. . . if you gather my drift! In this video she sucks a hell of a lot of cocks to fill up her need! At least six cocks see the dirty insides of her mouth, and when she lines up the shot glasses and fills them up with white goo, you know that she is safe and healthy for one more day!

RayVeness 00:38:20 53

RayVeness has always loved to be on camera! She loves the fact that millions of people are jerking off to her hot body, worldwide. She'll do anything for her fans, even suck a room full of cocks. Not that it's much of a sacrifice for her. . . this bitch loves to suck cock anyway! She also loves guzzling hot semen, which is fortunate because she ends up drinking a whole boatload of the shit by the end of this video!

Kylee Reese 00:26:49 63

Kylee Reese was just minding her own business, sucking a rather large cock when all of the sudden more cocks began to appear! Like moths to a flame, all these stiff expectant cocks showed up out of nowhere, just begging to be sucked. Well, Kylee is a good little girl so she made sure that each and every dick was taken care of. She even swallowed all the hot dude grease so as not to stain the carpet. How considerate!

Jessica Bangkok 00:44:30 44

Although Jessica Bangkok may be known as the kind of girl who only likes getting fucked by girls...Brandon Iron is on a mission to prove this theory wrong! In this scene we see the Asian sensation taking on not one, not two, not even three...but FOUR massive cocks! Watch as she sucks these studs dry...and then swallows down all their hot loads!

Claire Dames 00:33:05 49

We're not taking Claire Dames to the Candy Shop...oh no, today this slut is going to the cock shop...and she's going to be getting her mouth loaded up with so much sperm she will barely be able to swallow it all down. As you all know though, she's going to! The question is how is this all going to play out? Are we going to have a blow bang like normal...or is she going to opt for a cunt stretching this time? You'll have to watch to find out, but keep in mind that in any case, she's going to be on her best behavior...not!

Alexia Cruz 00:42:26 72

Latin slut Alexia Cruz knows what she wants, what she likes and what she needs...and in this particular scene, she's begging for a whole lot of cum! Brandon Iron, being the nice guy that he is, decides to hook her up with a group of his friends. She begins by sucking off one of these guys and then swallowing down his creamy load. At this point she's begging for more, so in come a couple more studs for a blow bang before they individually unload their balls in her mouth. She waits for everyone to finish before playing around with their splooge and swallowing it all down in one massive gulp!

Tara Lynn Foxx 00:41:06 78

Tara Lynn Foxx starts off this video by showing off her big tits and hot body. She plays with her pussy for a little bit and once she's gotten her fill of teasing, she begins to suck on a fat dick. She takes this studs creamy load right in her mouth before swallowing it down and moving in to the other room where a couple more cocks are waiting for her. After some hardcore blow banging action, Tara swallows down all their hot loads of sperm! Yummy!

Natalie Norton 00:22:58 72

Some girls like to get their pussy filled, some like to get their cunts licked, and others like to get their ass' reamed. But oh no, not Natalie Norton! Natalie likes to get her mouth stretched out blow bang style before swallowing chunky loads of sperm! This is exactly what happens in this scene when she is confronted by a couple of eager studs with their cocks in hand. One last thing, and then you can go watch the scene...Natalie not only swallows all their cum, but she waits for all the loads to be in her mouth before doing so! Nastiness!

Megan Moore 00:25:56 84

Platinum blonde slut Megan Moore starts off this scene on the easy side by sucking on just one cock. After servicing and swallowing this guys juicy wad, Megan moves on to a bigger group of dicks to inhale! These guys use and abuse Megan's throat before blowing ball butter in to a martini glass, which of course Megan chugs down! This babe is a cum slut, no doubt this scene has proven that!

Leona Dulce 00:41:56 84

From the moment this scene begins you're going to wish that Leona Dulce was sitting in your living room and sucking on your cock! But alas, you can always hope! So Leona is on her knees with a nice big fat cock right in her mouth. Once she swallows down the first load she moves on to another group of big dicks At this point she gets her throat fucked by all these studs before swallowing down their chunky loads of man matter!

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